CPL Classes in Rochester Hills

Michiganders looking to become responsible, armed, and legally able to carry a concealed firearm in their home state must obtain a Concealed Pistol License (CPL). One of the requirements to get your CPL is completing a CPL class.

If you live in Rochester Hills, MI, learn everything you need to know about CPL classes and where you should go if you wish to find a course in your area.

What Are Michigan Concealed Pistol Licenses?

In Michigan, you may only concealed-carry firearms if you hold a valid license known as the Concealed Pistol License.

Michigan is what the gun-owning world refers to as a shall-issue state. A shall-issue state guarantees the issuance of a license as long as the applicant meets the state’s list of eligibility requirements and conditions.

This concept exists in contrast to may-issue states, where the final decision to issue a license remains with the governing body. In other words, a may-issue state can still choose to deny giving you a permit even if you meet their requirements. Michigan was a may-issue state but became shall-issue in 2001 after Public Act 381 of 2000 was signed into law.

In Michigan, the requirements for eligibility to obtain a CPL are as follows:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder)
  • Be a resident in the state for at least 6 months, or be the holder of another state’s concealed carry weapons (CCW) license
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have completed a pistol safety training class, such as a CPL class (showing your certificate or proof of completion is required)
  • Not meet any disqualifying conditions as outlined by the Michigan Compiled Laws (The Michigan State Police website maintains a complete list)
  • Meet federal law requirements regarding the possession of a firearm

What Happens in a CPL Class?

Michigan law requires pistol training classes to be a minimum of 8 hours long, with at least 5 hours of classroom education and training. The remaining 3 hours will be spent at the shooting range, giving students a chance to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom with live ammunition.

At IFA Tactical Training, we believe that the best way to introduce newcomers to firearms and concealed carrying is through education, information, and a friendly and compassionate approach.

Throughout our 8-hour classes, students will receive the guidance of one of our professional class instructors, offering their wealth of knowledge, real-life experience, and advice.

What to Bring to the Class

At the minimum, you should bring valid identification, such as a Michigan driver’s license or a state ID card. Since the class lasts for the whole day, consider bringing your own lunch or snacks.

Wear weather-appropriate clothing for the shooting range part of the class. Hot, spent casings coming in contact with your skin can cause pain and burns; choose an outfit with closed-toe shoes and no exposed skin on the chest.

Although rental guns and ammunition may be available at the range, bringing your own firearm, magazines, and ammo is strongly advised. You should have at least 50 rounds of factory ammunition made by a reputable manufacturer. IFA Tactical carries a wide range of quality guns and ammunition for you to choose from.

Classroom Portion

The 5-hour classroom part of the course will teach you all of the basics you need to handle a pistol safely and competently. Our qualified instructors will teach you gun safety rules, the nature of negligent discharges (they don’t just happen, they are caused), and how to prevent them.

Our instructors will train and educate you on the best ways to handle a handgun, including but not limited to:

  • How to hold and grip your gun
  • The basics of sight alignment
  • How to acquire a sight picture
  • How to pull the trigger correctly
  • How to load and reload your firearm

In addition, our classes feature a highly comprehensive legal portion, presented and explained in detail by a law enforcement officer. You will receive tips and tricks on how to stay out of trouble, when and how drawing a firearm is justifiable, the basics of safe firearm storage, and where you can and cannot carry.

Shooting Range Portion

During the 3-hour shooting range part, you will be placed in a safe, fun, and controlled environment under the supervision of one of our qualified instructors. There, you will apply the classroom theory and learn how to shoot in different positions and scenarios.

Our instructors will guide you during the entire duration of the range session.

They will help you acquire good shooting habits, such as avoiding flinching and how to grip your handgun correctly to prevent limp-wristing malfunctions. You’ll also learn how to coordinate what you’ve learned in the classroom about sight alignment and trigger control to hit targets accurately.

What Happens After the Class?

After finishing our CPL class, you will receive a certificate of completion. This document is one of the requirements to file a CPL license application at your local county clerk’s office. Other requirements include filling out a CPL application, getting your fingerprints taken, and paying the fees ($100 plus $15 for fingerprinting in Michigan).

Rochester Hills residents must apply in person to the Oakland County Clerk’s Office. After sending your application, you may have to wait 2-5 weeks for processing, after which you should receive your CPL in the mail.

Take Your Michigan CPL Class With IFA Tactical Training

At IFA Tactical Training, we pride ourselves on making shooting and exercising your rights a positive experience. Whether you have prior experience with firearms or not, we will give you the tools to be a safe, competent, and responsible gun owner, and you will walk out of our class empowered with both skills and confidence.

For more information about our training classes, contact us at 586-275-2176 or send us an email at team@ifatacticaltraining.com.

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